The Burstscratch association was founded in 1994 by artists, directors, painters and musicians. It became an artist-run lab devoted to the practice of analog cinema and its film processing.



We ardently defend film for its shapes and texture, for its sensual characteristic softness. Burstscratch is a workshop and artisanal laboratory. We provide film developing equipment and the required chemistry for reverse, negative, positive, color and black & white film.


Our facility also has analog cameras, projectors, editing tables, optical and contact printers, and various accessories to work with.
It's not only a place for creation, but also a place for transmission: members are taught various processing techniques and given the tools they need to become autonomous filmmakers. Workshops and cinema studies are offered to kids, students and adults.


Burstscratch is committed to the aesthetics of expanded cinema; we organize screening sessions, installations, cinema performances, and its annual HINTERGRUND event

Join our association !

If you want to discover analog cinema, learn how to develop films and project them, if you are already an expert with a specific project, or if you have to scan family movies, contact us and become a member of the association!


To join us, it is necessary to know how to use the laboratory independently. Training will therefore be provided to you, according to the specificity of your project. You can visit our workshop and discover our equipment by taking an appointment with us.


Feel free to contact us if you need more information!

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