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BURSTSCRATCH 2.020 >>> about the Telecinema

Today we propose you to help us for the installation of a Telecinema machine.This machine was built in 2000 to digitize analog film formats including Super 8, 16mm, super 16and 35 mm in FULL HD.

Burstscratch purchased this machine in Berlin in August 2019; we brought it back to Strasbourg, hoisted it into the studio, and quickly reassembled the annex computer equipment. However, the machine is missing some crucial tools, including monitoring enclosures, control panels, calibration
monitors, digital storage space, software licensing, and a few spare parts


We have already received a lot of interest in our new telecine services, solely through word-of-mouth. The reaction has been very promising. We believe that once the machine is up and running, it will financially support Burstscratch’s full operation. Unfortunately, Burstscratch doesn’t have the funds to complete installation of the Telecinema. The acquisition has already put Burstscratch in debt.

The financial conditions for us to survive are:

 - If we raise 8,000 euros, we will pay our debts and add a little to the treasury.
- If we raise 10,000 euros, we can pay our debts, add a little to the treasury and pay for the required parts to make the Telecinema operational.
- If we raise more than 10,000 euros, we can pay our debts, add a little to the treasury, pay for the required parts to make the Telecinema operational and set Burstscratch up for long-term success.


The pieces of 35 mm film, cut according to your taste:Pieces of 35 mm film that we kept among those past years, which we will reprocess with different chemistry recipes to add some magic.

Your name will appear on our website no matter the amount of your gift, and you also will be invited for a special visit in our laboratory, at the occasion of a friendly cocktail, once the campaign is finished.

A Serigraphy from the poster of HINTERGRUND II, made by Gaëtan Koch at the Papier Gachettestudio.

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The Pre-sale of the Telecinema if you chose this option

If you are a filmmaker working with 8mm, 16mm or 35mm, and you would like to screensomething, you can pay in advance by participate in this fundraising.

There are two options forthis

1_ If you are a member of the association:

In this case, we meet at the laboratory in Strasbourg and we show you the equipment. In thiscase, your contribution includes the membership of 30 euros, and 20 euros for the use of theTelecinema. Then, as a member, you get the discounted price of 2euros/min for digitalization.(If you give us 50€ with this option, you get a membership+10min of digitalization)

2_If you are a customer:

Super 8 is 6 euros/min – 16 mm is 6,5euros/min – 35 mm is 7 euros/min. Then the prices fordigitalization decrease with the quantity of film that you have.


Our team

Silvi Laurent Laurence Gaetan Alicia Jerome Claire Hugo Anne Pauline William Oscar; all
together, we thank you very much. Hats off to you!